Expungement of Records Involving Cannabis

This form allows you to apply for your cannabis (marijuana) criminal records to be expunged according to the Criminal Records Expungement Act. NMSA 1978 29-3A-1 et seq.

If you have a case record involving cannabis, you may request that this charge be cleared.

If your case record involves charges other than cannabis related charges, you may petition the court to expunge all charges. Learn more about this below, under Expungement of Other Criminal Records.

Expungement of Other Criminal Records

The automatic case record expungement is only for cannabis (marijuana). If your court records do not specifically state cannabis or cannabis paraphernalia, you may still request expungement of those records using the court petition process.

If your case record is for a violation of a municipal ordinance, misdemeanor or felony, you may request expungement using this court process.

Learn more about this type of records expungement here.

The court petition expungement requires you to file your request at a courthouse. The forms you will need to fill out to begin this type of expungement process are at the links below.